RE Foundation, founded in 2002 by Tan Dun and Jane Huang, REdiscovers, REconnects with, and thereby REvives “disappearing” cultures and traditions: The foundation seeks to transform them once again into living art forms by incorporating their spirit into new multi-genre compositions that utilize the most creative, thought-provoking, and contemporary styles.

Tan Dun studying the paintings in one of the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, China
(Photo Credit: Tan Dun)

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REconstructing and REsearching Dunhuang’s Silk Road Sounds and Traditions: The Word Heritage Site Mogao Caves, home to wall paintings depicting over forty musical instruments from the Silk Road tradition, inspired Tan Dun to collaborate with Dunhuang Foundation to REvive the instruments and REintroduce them in new symphonic compositions.

Ms. Wenqing Shi playing the “Fantan Pipa”, recreated by Tan Dun